Fans commend Chivita 100 % on partnership deal with Manchester United

14 Jan 2015

Football fans across Nigeria have commended the management of Chi Limited on the recent signing of a multi-year partnership deal with the Manchester United. The fans were especially delighted that the partnership will ensure nourishment that Chivita 100% fruit juice brings, will add more excitement to the game. A cross section of football fans spoken to, commended the initiative as a step in the right direction

“My husband and son are huge Manchester United fans and their love of the legendary club is only matched by their desire for Chivita 100% fruit juice. My daughter and I have always been huge fans of Chivita 100% as well. We have equally become fans of Manchester United club in solidarity with the males in the family. This partnership is truly heartwarming for our family” said Mrs. Shade Balogun, a middle aged mother of two who resides in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital.

According to Olalekan Andu, a passionate Chelsea football fan, “we need to see more brands stepping up to support the game of football. The partnership which Chivita 100% has entered into with Manchester United will no doubt add more excitement to the game. I regularly take Chivita 100% for its refreshing taste and health benefits and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future”

Also speaking on the partnership, Barrister Linus Okonkwo stated “I have been a fan of Arsenal FC since my days in England as a student in the 70s. I appreciate the partnership between Chivita 100% and Manchester United because it is a win win strategy for me. It encourages the growth of football, increases competitiveness and I like millions of Nigerians across the country still get to refresh with our favourite fruit juice Chivita 100% whilst watching our favourite game.”

Ishaya Sule, a passionate follower of the Spanish La Liga, stressed that Chivita 100% is the preferred fruit juice for his family. “I have no apologies for my position because my love for everything associated with football cannot be compromised. Besides, I am very conscious of the things I ingest. Chivita 100% is adequate for me and my family. No shaking,” an elated Sule said.

Also, Michael Ibeneme, an athlete and professed Liverpool fan, noted that as an athlete himself he takes Chivita 100% for its refreshing taste and health benefit for optimum performance. “I feel very comfortable recommending the fruit juice to fellow athletes like myself as well as football supporters across the country” he added

Speaking on the partnership deal, Chi Limited’s Head of Marketing, Probal Bhattacharya said “Chivita 100% and our other brands always had the privilege of being part of life’s special moments. Through this partnership, Chivita 100% will also be an active part of the most exciting moments for football fans across Nigeria, during and beyond the games, always bringing the celebratory mood to life in a unique and refreshing manner.”

Chivita 100%, which can be enjoyed by consumers who desire pure, healthy and natural nourishment, is available in five variants of real pineapple, real apple, real orange, orange pineapple and orange mango. It is manufactured from 100% pure fruits and contains no added sugar, no preservative and no added colours and is a rare blend of the best of Nigerian and imported fruits.

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